I started this blog as a travel blog, and now I’m done with my trip and back in my home town. So what now?

I knew it would have to change and evolve because I wouldn’t be traveling forever. There was always going to be an end date for that trip. I may still have some posts about travel related topics, and I will definitely be traveling again for extended periods of time (at which point the blog will become more travel focused again), but I knew that eventually the regular posts would have to take a broader heading. That’s why I registered jakenix.net and not jakenixtravelblog.net or some other, more restrictive title, such as jakenixtravelsandblogsanddoesnothingelse.net.

There’s no doubt that travel has helped to shape my identity, but there’s a lot more to me than just that. I’m also a professional sports mascot. I do a lot of writing. I enjoy nerdy board games and RPGs. I play a lot of chess. I have opinions on national and international politics, including the current European refugee crisis, which I feel very close to.

And I’m also a musician and songwriter! That’s what I actually want to focus on today, and for the next few weeks.

As a person who loves the English language, and language in general, I spend a lot of my songwriting time on lyrics. A lot of my favorite songwriters are my favorites because of their lyrics. John K. Samson. Ben Gibbard. The raw, emotional grit of Glen Hansard. There’s also the obvious but appropriate choice of Bob Dylan. Those are just a few influences on my own style.

Before I left on my European tour, I recorded a five song EP with some close friends. I’ll be taking the next five blog posts to go into detail about the stories behind the songs and the particular musical and lyrical choices I made.

I will also be debuting those songs here on the site, one song each Friday for the next five weeks. I’m really excited to finally share them. 🙂 I’ll have a more detailed press release kind of thing soon.

I also sometimes do some deeper thinking (yikes) and have ideas about general lifestyle concepts, and writing helps me get those things out of my brain and into the world. There’s a lot to think about and comment on regarding how I live my life and how that compares to how other people live theirs. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve lived a unique life and I think about lifestyle a lot in terms of what’s really, ultimately important. It might not fit directly into the “Travel” or “Music” categories, but I want to share it. Maybe you’ll get some value out of it.

This means the site will soon be reorganized and freshened up to accommodate the different types of articles and topics, but rest assured it will be all tied together by my consistent voice. I started this thing and I’ll be in the driver’s seat for the rest of this blog’s lifespan, whatever that ends up meaning.

Stay tuned. There are changes afoot. There are always changes afoot.

If you have any suggestions for organization and structure or things you’d like to see me write about, please let me know. I’m still just blogging on whatever I feel like, and I get that there’s not as much consistency as there could be. I’m open to feedback.