It’s going to be impossible to explain every single adventure. There have already been so many. Some are little, such as taking a nice nap in Englischergarten. Some are bigger or more interesting, like going on dates with beautiful European women (More on that at a later date, I promise). But for now I’m just going to dump some photos in your general direction with captions to helpfully explain.

I swear to you this is the first time I’ve ever done one of those jumping pictures. I just wanted a nice picture of me in front of Schloss Nymphenburg palace but the person I asked to take the picture decided to try to convince me to jump. I didn’t want to disappoint her. Also, I got mad hops.
I wish I had gotten a better picture, but this illustrates that many adults in Munich find scooters to be perfectly acceptable modes of transportation. Logically it makes sense. Scooters are practical, but they are also very silly. #scootforlife
This is St. Peterskirche, also know as Altes Peter or “Old Peter”, a big ass church that you can pay 2 euro to climb 299 steps to an observation deck at the top. I’m not great with heights but I decided to do it anyway because a woman on Tinder told me it was a great view and I am a sucker.
These are the first steps up the St. Peterskirche. Only 289 steps left to go!
These are the first steps up Altes Peter. Only 289 steps more to go!
A view of Marienplatz from the top of Altes Peter. Ok fine... I admit it's a great view.
A view of Marienplatz from the top of Altes Peter. Ok fine… I admit it’s a great view. It’s really damn high up though. :/
This is one of the other prominent buildings in Munich. It’s another church called Frauenkirche, which I think means “Women Church”?
At this point, I start looking down and freaking out… This style of roofing is traditional so it’s everywhere. It’s so steep though! How do they climb up there to make repairs and whatnot?
The precise moment I peed myself.
Oh look! A nice cheese market!
This is a beer garden in Viktualienmarkt. There are beer gardens all over the place and they’re usually pretty full. This city consumes an absurd amount of beer.
I’ve passed several amazing churches here. You can just wander in, pray if you want, take pictures and stuff. A lot of the coolest architecture and art in this area of the world is Christian. This is Heiliggeistkirche. Check out dem frescoes! Whoa!
Another statue with a mysteriously bodyhairless Jesus…
The big, cool buildings and art are great and all, but everywhere is nice. Here’s a random alleyway to show you how beautiful and tidy everything is in Munich.
This is the Bayernisches Nationalmuseum from the outside. I like museums. Here are a few of my favorite exhibits:
Head in a bowl.
Georg the Dragon Slayer. This guy is apparently an important figure in local history, because I’ve seen a lot of art portraying him. Most of the time he looks like a super badass, but this is one where that is not so true.
An ancient silly hat. Based on it’s silliness, I would say that everyone of the time must have had a great respect and admiration for STEF ANUS.
Hey guuuurrrl. What you doin’ later?
SKELETON RIDING A LION!!! Why? Don’t care. This is amazing.
I feel like I’m selecting a weapon for a Dungeons & Dragons character.
Maybe my D&D character would like a weapon with reach? Halberds are sweet.
And now to select some armor!
Oh crap. My D&D character is a bard? Ok I guess I’ll take the weird trumpet thing.
So there’s a community of surfing enthusiasts in Munich even though it’s not close to a beach. There’s a river running through Englischergarten, which is Munich’s biggest park, and there are a couple places where the rush of the river creates a wave that doesn’t move. People bring their surfboards down and take turns. It’s one of the craziest, most unexpected things to find right in the middle of a landlocked city.
Seriously, surfing in Munich! Who would have thought? Some of these people were pretty good surfers! There were kids doing it too. When you crash, you just swim to the side and the next person goes. The water was freezing though.
At Hofbrauhaus, a big, famous brewery and beer hall. This is my happy-for-beer-and-pretzels face.

I’ve already experienced quite a lot, considering that I’ve only been here 5 days or so. It feels like much longer. I intend to expand upon some of the more important details and adventures and people I’ve met soon, but I think a photo dump once in a while will be a good way to collect things. Let me know what you think.